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    Bobbie Lyons -
    CCFT, KPA CTP, Cert CF will come to us to teach 4 Fitness and Body Awareness workshops on 2&3 November 2019!

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    Agility is a passion, for us as well as our dogs! We like to share our passion!
    Take a look at the “Agility” page if you are interested in Nimble-K9 agility training.

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    K9-Fitness and conditioning is FUN for every dog. On top of that this training plays an important role in the training of performance dogs and rehab programs.
    Check out the Fitness Page for more information on “K9 Fitness” classes at Nimble-K9.

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    Shaping is a learning process used for general education, Agility training, Fitness and much more. Teaching tricks helps you to get a good grip on this positive, addictive way of learning/training.
    Take a look at the “Shaping/Tricks” page to see how we can help you to get you started with this method, at Nimble-K9.

    The idea about ​​Nimble-K9 has grown from our passion for dogs and dog sports and from my (Inge) background as a veterinarian. We both are active in agility since over 25 years. During that period we have seen this dog sport grow enormously. Modern agility is a real sport that relies on extreme athleticism, at least on the dog’s part. For us, the essence remains the same, having fun together with our best quadruped and biped friends, in a responsible way, meaning that we put the wellbeing of the dog always first.

    In order to practice modern agility in a responsible manner, much more is required than teaching the dog to go over obstacles. Conditioning training, trick training, as the basis for the future agility training, learning specific handling techniques, you name it.
    With Nimble-K9 we want to offer training opportunities in all these areas.

    In addition, Fitness and Shaping can certainly have a place in the lives of non-agility dogs!
    Dogs that need to be prepared for any dog ​​sport benefit from K9-Fitness training. Every dog ​​benefits from K9-Fitness training! It can also be a nice regular activity for the companion dog.
    And of course K9-Fitness training plays a role in rehabilitation programs and it often gives an outlet for dogs that are limited in the rest of their activities.

    The name Nimble-K9 refers to a very special dog. Nimble is the English word for agile, light-footed, fast, skilled. Our Nimble is certainly worthy of her name! She has a beautiful character and is a dream of an agility dog. Nimble would have had an outstanding agility career, in case she and Rudy had not been plagued by injuries. The periods that they could run together have resulted in great achievements. It always was a pleasure to see this team smoothly flying across the agility course. Nimble's agility career has been finished, since a few years now. But she is not sitting still. She has found her passion now in Fitness, we learn new tricks together and of course she enjoys the daily walks. It is through Nimble that we have become fascinated by K9-Fitness. On top of that, the youngest member of our family, bears “Nimble “as her middle name. Coincidence but a good sign! Hence the choice for Nimble-K9.

    We hope this website will give you an idea about what Nimble-K9 stands for.

    Rudy & Inge Zen, Nimble, Keen, Nalu en Alice


    Rudy Wynants & Inge Dillen
    Vendelmansweg 41
    2275 Wechelderzande

    Tel: 0032(0)486/72.40.12

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