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    The idea to start with Fitness for dogs has grown during the rehabilitation of Nimble. At the age of six, Nimble experienced problems with jumping and was diagnosed with "lumbosacral instability", ie a lower back issue.
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    This is a very common problem, especially in performance dogs. Nimble had caught this back injury despite all the attention we had given to her general fitness training, despite the careful build-up of her agility training as a young dog ... Lumbosacral instability can be a congenital condition. Especially the hypermobile dogs, such as Nimble, are predisposed to develop this injury sooner or later. Despite that knowledge, I kept fighting with the feeling: "this could perhaps have been avoided". After rehabilitation she was, despite her age, more powerful than ever before. During rehabilitation I focused mainly on training the core stability and rear end strength.
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    It is common knowledge that core stability is of paramount importance to the human athlete. This is no different for the canine athlete! I had overlooked that. Before Nimble got injred, I had only worked on general condition and some basic coordination. A good start but not good enough for the modern performance dog!
    Keen, Nalu and in the meantime Alice, also profited from the knowledge I gained from Nimble's story. Keen and Nalu trained along all of Nimble's rehabilitation period. Keen is strong by nature, but she too has become much more athletic. The targeted core stability exercises and the more thorough proprioception exercises have already proven their worth.

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    Nalu was still a puppy at the time. Her training was focused on balance, coordination and proprioception more than strength. She is an athletic dog by nature but there is no doubt that the fitness training has raised her athletic ability a few more levels. To see her run, jump, move is a pleasure. Strength, flexibility, fitness, balance, coordination, it is all bundled in her beautiful athletic body. Nimble has ignited the flame, Nalu made my passion for canine fitness explode!
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    Alice is still young but we already see the positive effects of Fitness on her too. She is a very thoughtless dog by nature. During her impulsive, ill-considered movements, her learned coordination, improved proprioception and fast reflexes will certainly come in handy to avoid injuries! On top of all this, the dogs enjoy K9-Fitness so much! This fact levels up my drive even more!
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    There seemed to be a puzzle piece falling into place ... My past knowledge (veterinary medicine - graduated in 1991) suddenly came in handy again. Old passions (veterinary medicine, own sports career) mixed with my experience as a dog trainer and the newly acquired knowledge led to a new passion.
    Canine Fitness!
    The urge to deepen and share my new passion became bigger and bigger.

    I dreamed of sharing my passion with as many dog ‚Äč-friends as possible and getting as many dogs as possible to "fitness". In the end I went for it and made it my secondary occupation in 2014. I have not regretted it for a second, on the contrary. I enjoy (along) every K9-Fitness moment and especially the results that the dogs book.

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    The form and content of the lessons depend on the training goal. All fitness classes are fun and functional. All dogs benefit from this training, the performance dog but also the companion dog. Dogs like to be “work”, they like to move. They need daily mental and physical challenges. That’s exactly what Fitness provides them with. A healthy mind in a healthy body, it applies to us but also to our best quadruped friends. A healthy body is also a body that is less sensitive to injuries. If evil has happened, Fitness can play an important role in the rehabilitation process. In the latter case, I always work in consultation with the attending veterinarian or physiotherapist. It is logical that a well-balanced Fitness program also has its place in a weight control program.

    But, above all, Canine Fitness is FUN for dog and owner!

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    Fitness Classes

    The fitness classes are taught by Inge. The training studio is located in Wechelderzande (Vendelmansweg 41).

    Groups exist out of max 4 dogs. Private training is also possible.
    Fitness at Nimble-K9 is taught on
    Monday to Thursday between 9:00 and 21:00 and on Friday between 9:00 and 17:00.

    During the winter classes can also get planned during
    weekends and Friday evenings.


    Tel: 0032(0)486/72.40.12
    E-mail: info@Nimble-K9.be

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    Verkoop van FitPAWS® Fitness training materiaal.

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    • 1985-1992 Dr in Veterinary Medicine
    • 2015 Fitness & Body Awareness Seminar - Robbie Porter
    • 2017 Fitpaws SET Course - Bobbie Lyons
    • 2017 Jumping Gymnastics - Sarah Stremming/Leslie Eide
    • 2017-2018 Certified Canine Fitness Trainer
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