Agility is the fastest growing sport when it comes to dog performance sports. The popularity of this sport is increasing steadily, not only in Belgium, but also in other countries all over the world. The “World Championship Agility” has become an annual party for thousands of supporters and over 200 participants. Nearly 40 different countries take part. The World Championships have had a huge influence on the evolution of Agility.
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    Agility has become a real "Sport". That does not mean that this sport can no longer be practiced at a recreational level. Of course, it can! But awareness of the necessity of proper training of both the dog and the handler, to be able to practice this sport, at whatever level, in a responsible manner, is rising. Due to the international nature of Agility and the accessibility of information via the internet, an inexhaustible source of information has arisen. Many different "handling styles" and training methods have been developed.
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    People are well informed and it is difficult for Belgian clubs to meet all needs. As a result private initiatives arise. Nimble-K9 is one of those private initiatives. We want to offer an answer to the specific needs of agility fanatics. Whether at recreational level or people with "WC dreams", everyone who is sufficiently motivated deserves a tailor-made training. It is exactly that which we try to offer. Agility training focused on the "team". Rudy learned a lot from his experiences as a handler of different dogs but also by observing handlers who use different styles. Unfortunately, he has been sidelined for a few years due to injuries. But he made good use of that time to "learn" from the side, watching thousands of agility runs.
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    He is an expert in seeing "lines" and how to prepare those lines as well as possible. Because of his injuries, he lost sprinting speed and acceleration power, so he had to adjust the training of our own dogs. "Fast dog - slower handler" problems can be solved by a thorough training in which the confidence of both dog and handler increases and thus a "team" that grows on trust is created. Agility is Fun, we still carry that slogan in our hearts! Training and competitions should, in the first place, be enjoyable for both dog and handler. On top of that, great achievements are nice, of course. Whoever agrees with this vision is very welcome for an agility training.
    Agility Classes

    The agility training is taught by Rudy.
    The terrain is located in Wechelderzande (Vendelmansweg 41).

    Private training or training in small group is possible. Nimble-K9 Agility training can be scheduled on weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm, on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10 am and 21 pm.
    During the winter there might be opportunities to train during the weekend.

    For appointments:

    Tel: 0032(0)486/31.09.14

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